About the Farm

Why Chickpeas

Chickpeas are incredible to cook with, versatile in many ways, and their health benefits make them even more appealing. Naturally rich in protein and fiber, chickpeas are easily digestible and a valuable addition to any kitchen. 

Chickpea flour provides a simple and nutritious alternative to wheat flour in recipes, offering a smooth transition and health benefits. It's a convenient choice for those looking to improve their dietary habits.

Unleash the potential of chickpeas - with their high protein content, they trap moisture in your dishes. Let protein work its magic, infusing your foods with extra moisture. Embark on a brownie journey like no other - chickpea flour creates a decadent, almost forbidden softness!

Our Family Story

We are the Sikveland's! Rex started our family farm in 2000, with
300 acres. We have since grown the family farm to over 3000 acres.
 Beau started working full time on the family farm right out of high
school and is adding another 3000 acres to the family farm.  Tristan is doing some farming along with having cattle and sheep.   Our 2
young girls are always helping mom with whatever she is doing, whether
it is driving a tractor, running parts, working at the store in town or working in the mill room packaging products.
 It take the whole family to make everything run smoothly and keep
building for the future generations of our family.  


41 Grains goal is to take raw grains from our local farmers here
in McCone County (county 41) and turn it into nutritious flours and
mixes that are custom ready just for what anyone might need or want.
Always ensuring that our grains and processes are free of additives as
possible. Chemical free is my choice for my family and we want to bring
you more options so that you can choose fresh, healthy, additive, free
foods for your family!